Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” -Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine Founder







Ken worked with us for a little over a year and helped us install a multitude of procedures and systems into the structure of Amerway. In the time we worked with Ken, we increased our customer acquisition from 25 customers per month to 60 customers per month. Along with cross-sale and up-sale techniques, we took our gross sales from 8.1 to 9.2 million in the course of one year. By employing many of the techniques that ActionCOACH teaches to boost company morale and employee satisfaction, Ken helped us make Amerway a better place to work!

I highly recommend Ken and ActionCOACH for any company that wishes to boost their sales, profits, and employee morale

Terry Buck
General Manager
Amerway Inc.



 “Just because a business is a success today doesn’t mean it will continue to be. Tomorrow is a new day and if you aren’t paying attention to the details and continuing to grow, your business could start to fail overnight. With Ken’s coaching, I now have processes and systems in place to keep me on top of how my business is doing overall, how my team is performing, both individually and as a group, and where I need to focus my attention. His unique coaching style is more about me discovering what to do next rather than him telling me. He asks a lot of questions and I find my path in my own answers. That’s no coincidence. By him allowing me to have those “ah ha” moments, I have a much better understanding of the sales, marketing and management tools we are using and a better opportunity for success. I was referred to Ken by a friend and now I highly recommend Ken to others.”—Carol Hurley, Owner Hurley Associates


Dear Ken,

It’s hard to believe that we have been working with you for more than a year. We have been asked, "Why do we need a coach?"  There are many reasons. With your guidance, Jeff and I have matured as professional partners as well as in our personal relationship. By holding us accountable, you have helped us stay focused on our business goals. It is too easy to be submerged working "in" not "on" our business. In some instances, we just needed confirmation that we were doing the correct thing. Small family businesses lack the access to sophisticated training from within the organization. Thank you for bringing your wealth of expertise to our business.

Jocelyn Howard Sinopoli
President    C.W. Howard Insurance Agency

Dear Ken,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have
done to help me and my business grow.  Your expertise and guidance
have been invaluable.

Before I started working with you, I struggled finding the right
employees, I didn’t realize the importance of getting “systems” in
place, and I didn’t have access to the resources I needed to plan for
my future and the future of my company.  Now that I have been working
with you, I have a complete hiring system that has allowed me to put
together a great “Team”, I have established structured systems that
allow my company to run without me, and I have a clear vision of the
direction I want to go and all the resources available to help me get

I have seen a $20,000 increase in net profits over last year since I
started working with you and I couldn’t be happier.

I truly appreciate all that you have done for me and my company, and
I look forward to our continued growth.

Margie Kleppick, President and CEO

Partners in Medical Education

     My experience of working with Ken Sevick has been filled with educational and financial rewards, therefore increasing the stability of my life both personally and professionally.  Ken encouraged me to look at my future more seriously, making me realize that no matter how high my expectations were, they were achievable.  Now I’m not one to take to change or technology for that matter easily, but Ken’s enthusiasm to assist in the success of my business was so powerful that I was able to make the necessary changes needed to see a positive difference almost immediately in myself, me team, and the financial state of my business.  He taught me how to understand my weakness’ and build from my strengths.  He gave me the confidence I needed to overcome my fears and realize the worth of myself and my business.  His ideas are endless!  The business foundation I have built with Ken and Action International could never be replaced with any "How To" book or DVD.  His excellent coaching has allowed me to obtain a 17% increase in sales YTD, and have dramatically decreased my expenses.  I can only thank Ken and Action International for believing in me.
Michelle DiClaudio
Salon and Spa owner
Irwin, PA

Dear Ken,
I would like to thank you and ActionCOACH for providing a positive direction to my business and showing me the systems to put into place that will allow it to grow.  Prior to my experience with Business Coaching, I had little direction on how to build my business.  Direct mail is just one of the systems that has produced outstanding results.

Prior to your guidance, direct mail campaigns produced mixed results at best.  In fact, I quit using direct mail entirely.  After a few Coaching sessions, I realized what I was doing wrong and saw that with the right mail piece and script, I can get results I never before imagined.

Here are the three most significant improvements that direct mail has brought to my business.

1. In the first month and a half of mailings, they have consistently produced a conversion rate of over 4%!  In fact, this past week, my direct mail campaign has reached the 6% conversion mark!!

2. Action International has shown me how to put systems into place that takes me out of the direct mail process almost entirely and freeing me up to work on other parts of my business.

3. With just one month of sales results in, my sales for the month of May have doubled from this time last year.


Thank you Ken for all of your insight as my coach.  It’s been a great eye-opener realizing the many things that I came into business for.

Curt Stemmerich, Owner

Preserve A Ceiling


"A lot of "food" for thought to bring back to my restaurant business."
W. Cibula (Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant)

" The information provided was very valuable to me, it was extremely helpful and educational."
A. Fisher (Creative Adventures Learning Center, Inc.)

"Understanding my conversion rate, working smarter, and to get others to help get my work done."
D. Higgins (ReMax Realty Centre)

"Affirmation of the importance of writting down my business goals."
S. Dix (Hawksworth Technology Solutions)

"I recieved good ideas on structure and the value of analyzing…..TEST & MEASURE."
D. Desuta (Visto Enterprises)

"All information was extremely valuable and informative."
M. Thomas (Creative Adventures)

"I learned the steps to take to improve my profits that are attainable with little money."
D. Viecelli-Carver (Herbalife)

"Ken is a great coach and communicator. He reaches his audience at all levels."
D. Keefer (Mon Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce)

"I recieved very good information on how to improve our marketing and sales techniques within our business."
T. Berthold (Partners in Medical Education)

"Ken showed the reinforcement of Advertising and Investment and knowing the value of your customers."
K. Strickland (Trib Total Media)

"Ken provided me with good ideas about putting more systems into place and deligating tasks."
N.S. Statler (Statler’s Fun Center)

"To reevaluate myself and my decisions because it could change the overall success of business."
J.J. Brooks (Brooks Automotive Group)

"The workshop Ken provided was excellent.  I liked the information about stalls and objections."
S. Bone (Mary Kay)

"Ken introduced me to more aspects of business, drive, and leadership."
R.Coiner (Remote Control Systems)

"Ken provided me with new ideas as to imporving business processes and increasing business profits."
L. Wingrove (AFLAC)

"This seminar was excellent for me as I am getting back into the business after 11 years working for an employer."
L. Jenkins (AFLAC)

"This seminar showed me a direction of business I was not aware of.  I am a self-employed sub contractor."
K. Madrishin (Sub-Contractor)

"I learned about what happens when you increase conversion rates and subsequent strategies."
B. Baker (Froggy/Pickle Radio)

"The seminar provided me with more knowledge of team building and advertising techniques."
J. Rabatin (Perryopolis Auto Auction)


"Our membership and participation in Ken’s Action Coach Business Coaching "Profit Club" has been a catalyst for change with-in our company. The content and material presented at our bi-monthly meetings has proved to be invaluable in moving Highway Appliance to the next level (Profitability). Last year we realized a 15 percent gain in gross sales and a 2% increase in gross profit margins. We are a 63 year old company in the competitive field of major appliances and electronics and those types of gains a not the norm. I feel anyone in a management, supervisory or ownership capacity would benefit by contacting or becoming involved in some facet of Ken’s Action Coach Business Coaching business. Learn to work on your business and not in it! Don’t work harder…work smarter. Jerry Zahand Sr. …soon to be retired! Thanks Ken! "

"So many times in business it is easy to get into an all to monotonous routine. Ken and Action Coaching bring the principles to the forefront that can be so easily overlooked when you get caught up in busy times of year or get are in the proverbial "rut". The ideas presented always keep things fresh in your mind and spark other ideas that you may not have thought of before. It’s a much more practical approach to business and does not seem like a regular business class or tutorial that only focus on the broad picture of your business. It’s been a great experience so far and hopefully will continue to be– business is always changing and since we all have to adapt to a certain extent, it’s nice to have an advisor along the way.
Ken and Action Coaching is making a huge difference in my practice. As a massage therapist, we are not taught how to run our businesses effectively when we take our technical training. Ken is helping me to take my business to the next level through his coaching. He is teaching me to work on my business rather than in it. Thanks Ken!"
Tanya L. Chaney, BA, CMTPT, MT
Chaney’s Natural Health & Wellness 

"It was a big step for us as a company when we decided to start one-on-one coaching with Ken Sevick. As I look back now, it was one of the best decisions we ever made. There are too many areas and ways that he helped us to list them all, but to sum it up he helped us set a clear direction, regain control and focus of our team and helped us to significantly improve our profits! I would highly recommend Ken to any business that is looking to improve, grow or just looking to make more money." —BJ Couch, VP, Partners in Medical Education, Inc

"Business coaching has been a great experience for our business. As business owners it can be difficult to hold yourself accountable for steering your business in the right direction. Ken has actively worked with our insurance business to set goals and assist us in achieving them. Ken truly has a plethora of knowledge, and our business has profited by using his services. The systems and ideas that he has given us have been invaluable, as we are more organized than ever. We have implemented plans and procedures to monitor nearly every aspect of our business. I look forward to continue to grow, and I would highly recommend his coaching services to any business owner looking to carry his or her business to the next level of success."