Turnaround or growth, it's getting your people focused on the goal that is still the job of leadership.” - Anne M. Mulcahy, Former Chairperson and CEO Xerox Corporation

Ken Sevick began coaching me in the fall of 2016.  His expertise helped me go through the transition of becoming CEO of my family owned business.  I had business acumen but did not have the structure to get the correct processes, systems and accountability in place to move the team and company forward.  With Ken’s guidance, incredible care for the business and my success, the company will have a record year in 2019.  Ken will forever be a part of my family business.

- Kim Tosadori, CEO Petroleum Technical Services

Ken helped Klock Entertainment grow up business in not just a financial aspect, but a producCvity and processes aspect as well. Ken taught the way of structuring your company as well providing tools to help you create the right processes and path for your organizaCon. While doing this, Ken made sure you never lost sight of your “why” and made sure you drove your engine with passion. Ken and I sCll keep in touch post-coaching as friends and typically see each other once a year. Ken plays a significant role in the structure, growth, and path I chose with my company. If you’re looking to see growth in your company and growth within yourself as a leader and manager, Ken is your choice for a coach.

- Jason Klock, CEO Klock Entertainment

Ken has been our coach for the past five years and he has helped us to grow as a company and as executives.  He worked with us to first establish long-term strategic plans and continues to work with us to ensure that the plans are executed.

As our Business Coach, he has developed the Management Teams knowledge and skills in many ways including: Understanding Personalities, Improved Leadership, Enhanced Communications and Realistic Time Management to name a few.

As and executive, Ken has given me the tools to strengthen my leadership to enable our growth to move from a common Ma and Pa type Family Business Structure to a Healthy, Up-to-date and Profitable Small Business Structure.

 I would recommend Ken to any business that is looking to take their business to the next level.

- Robert Price, President, ThermoKing of Pittsburgh

Ken is the most professional coach that I've worked with so far!  Not only can he identify the problems / weakness in my business, but can also quickly suggest multiple solutions to fix them!  If there is a  subject that Ken is not very familiar with, he will consult with other coaches from his network to provide recommendations.  It’s been over a year since I've started with Ken, and my business has grown not only in term of sales and team, but in profits as well. I would definitely recommend other business owners to work with Ken.

-Ting Yen, CEO, Atarashi


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